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N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), >97%


This product is manufactured in Canada by ChemForce Laboratories and is part of a family of high purity PEGylation products to support PEGylation, Bio-conjugation, Cross-linking, ADC drug development and Bio-labeling for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D. A full range of custom synthesis service is also available.

Name: N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms)
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Rose Scientific is a source of a growing list of difficult to find or manufacture specialty chemicals. Rose produces in its own laboratory, uses sister companies, or sources from other manufacturers with whom it has long experience.

Rose welcomes inquiries about the availability of much larger quantities or chemicals that are not yet part of its regular catalog.

Prices are in US dollars.

Specifications (Click here):  N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), >97%

NumberDescriptionPrice $
CFH-0287-001 N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), CAS #846549-37-9, C22H42N4O12, MW 554.59, >97%, 1 g 510.00
CFH-0287-005 N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), CAS #846549-37-9, C22H42N4O12, MW 554.59, >97%, 5 g 2,125.00
CFH-0287-025 N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), CAS #846549-37-9, C22H42N4O12, MW 554.59, >97%, 25 g Inquire
CFH-0287-099 N3-(PEG)7-COOH (33 Atoms), CAS #846549-37-9, C22H42N4O12, MW 554.59, >97%, bulk Inquire