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Fraction Collector, General Purpose Compact Size ECF2096


A fraction collector is a necessity for any preparative liquid chromatography work. Whether purifying small samples with preparative HPLC or larger samples on open columns, the different materials carefully separated chromatographically need to be collected in separate containers. The ECF2096 Fraction Collector is designed to automate flash and preparative chromatography purification.

The ECF2096 Fraction Collector is a very durable general-purpose fraction collector that meets both preparative liquid chromatography and open column liquid chromatography needs. It collects fractions according to chosen method that can be created manually using the key-board or by programming through software such as ECOMAC. Analog input allows fractioning directly by signal from a detector.

The ECF2096 Fraction Collector can collect up 48 x 8 mL fractions, or 36 x 21 mL fractions or 24 x 40 mL fractions using EC08, EC21 or EC40 tube racks respectively. The unit is supplied with 2 racks.

Fraction collector operating modes: Collect all, Level (different up and down value), Slope (different up and down value), Using digital inputs (next, collect, waste), Time shift of all collections functions, Any (if it is collected by SW)

Features of the ECF2096 Fraction Collector include:
  • Simplicity
  • Easy programming
  • Possibility to connect electronically controlled valves for special flow functions
  • Display information of running process
  • Manual control from key-pad
  • Compact size fits in most fume hoods

Specifications (Click here):  Fraction Collector, General Purpose Compact Size ECF2096

NumberDescriptionPrice $
AFA0000X ECF2096 Fraction Collector, 100-240 V
124853 Tube Rack for holding up to 48 x 8mL tubes 268.80
124854 Tube Rack for holding 36 x 21mL tube 268.80
124855 Tube Rack for holding up to 24 x 40mL tubes 268.80
AFAT008X 8 mL Tubes, pkg/100 67.20
AFAT021X 21 ml Tubes, pkg/100 121.60
AFAT040X 40 mL Tubes, pkg/50 83.20